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On a normal saturday night, I had an abnormal idea. Spending a day without internet access. At first the thought horrified me, but it sounded kinda fun. So I sent a SMS to deactivate the data connection on my phone and turned off my wireless router. Theoretically, I am now cut off from the internet.

8:16 am: Just got up and was shocked to see only two sms on my phone’s notification bar. No emails, no IMs, no new wave conversations. Going back to sleep.

10:34 am: NewsRob (my google reader client) doesn’t have any new feeds. Missing the luxury of reading news feeds while brushing my teeth.

10:39 am: Switched on my desktop. There are a couple of programs screaming about internet access already.

10:43 am: Started UT3 and realized my biggest loss here: no online play. Will play against the AI.
Update: The AI is dumb. Except at godlike. The bots go hunting for you like you have a million dollar bounty over your head.

11:25 am: My girlfriend called me. She was wondering if I was invisible on gTalk. I told her my story. She thinks I am trying to avoid her. Nuts. Why are girls so weird?

12:20 pm: I’m hungry! Tried a voice search for a local pizza joint. No results. Turns out Android uses the internet for almost everything. This is kinda bad.

1:03 pm: Facebook and Twitter still send sms updates to my phone. Looks like one can never be totally off the internet.

1:36 pm: Had awesome lunch with a serving of ice-cream to finish it off. Want to tweet about it. Or maybe a status update on Facebook. Oh I miss the internet so much!

1:58 pm: Playing Tekken Dark Resurrection on the PSP. Missing online play again.

2:45 pm: Wikipedia! It is such an indispensible tool. I miss the convenience of anytime access to Wikipedia. Reminder to self: donate to Wikipedia when i go online again.

4:10 pm: Movie time: Again, i miss the convenience of checking movie ratings and booking tickets thru my phone. And my girl is boring me to death. Wish I could escape to Mars. Do they have internet there?

8:20 pm: My iPod is also complaining about no internet access. So is my girl. She wants to check some stupid site.

9:26 pm: Just noticed that no internet means really good battery life for my phone. Almost 80% juice left. Otherwise it would have been screaming for charge by now.

10:10 pm: Will turn on the internet in about an hour. Why am i feeling so excited?

11:23 pm: Turned back the data connection on my phone and switched the router on. Feels so good!

11:28 pm: Information overload! Shitload of emails, IMs and other stuff. Over 200 news feeds. Phew.

12:02 am: Confession: It felt like the longest day of my life. I am sort of over dependent on the internet. Going to sleep now. Will post this later.

This is Tuesday. I forgot to post it. Shitloads of work. Posting now.

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Ok, so the earth is now too overcrowded or just too polluted for your taste (or you simply want to go to a place where nobody can disturb you). Thank Google, for they (with virgin) have planned to move people like you to mars! This is what project Virgle is all about. So, starting in 2014, Virgin founder Richard Branson and Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will be leading hundreds of users on one of the grandest adventures in human history: Project Virgle, the first permanent human colony on Mars.


Oh, this is so cool! So are you wondering now how to apply for this? Just hit this link: And Google has got everything planned out for you. They have a 100 years plan ready for you. And guess what, Google is intending to this project a totally open source one. So what are you waiting for? Go and get ready for mars. You little red planet, here we come.

P.S. – this was an April fool joke!

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Google is rolling out new services as if there would be no tomorrow. Now they have recently launched Google Spreadsheet – an online spreadsheet application. What is Google planning for? Total world domination? Jokes apart, but the speed at which Google is introducing new application may be the cause of worry for a few companies (you know what I am talking about…). Just have a look at the Google Labs page and you will understand the situation. They have applications for almost any purpose. The question arises – “Why is Google introducing new applications so fast?” Well, we can only guess. My first guess (may sound weird) is that Google has too much money and cannot figure out the way to spend it. That’s why they have rolled out an “almost useless service” named Google Mars. I mean who wants (apart from a few crack headed scientists) to know that how many holes the surface of mars has? My second guess is that Google wants to dominate the Internet world. They have rolled out the best web-based e-mail service, their search engine is second to none and they have numerous AJAX based online applications that behave like desktop applications (Notebook, Reader, Page Creator, Writely, Spreadsheet, Maps…).

And a website (The Register) even says that Google is planning for “Orbital Mind Control”. It may sound impossible and you might even say “oh, come on, Google won’t do that, you dumb man”, i would suggest you to look at the image below which the website says “The proof for this diabolical scheme for world domination (operational mantra: “If it can’t be indexed it must be destroyed”) comes from a photograph of a whiteboard in the Google Campus’ “Building 43″ – the cyber-equivalent of Area 51, which acts as the search monolith’s black ops brainstorming facility”. View The complete article at

That Google world domination whiteboard in full

So, the question arises “What should we do?”. The answer is simple: just wait for Google to launch more applications that make our life easier and better (not for some IT companies, the heads of which might be tearing their hair apart). Afterall, in this “almost full-scale cold war” between these IT companies, the one who stand to gain the most are the users. So, cheers! We don’t have anything to lose (unless you are one of the heads of those IT companies). Just pray that Google does not launches “Orbital Mind Control”…