Ok, so you are a pc user who wants to try out Linux but haven’t tried out Linux yet just because you didn’t knew how to install a Linux distro (or were just afraid of your hard drive getting wiped out during the installation), it couldn’t get better for you. There is a new application which is built just for you and it is named Wubi. What it does? Well it’s a windows application (surprise!) and it lets you install Linux just as you would install a windows based application. Cool, isn’t it?

Here’s how to proceed: you download Wubi off the internet (or get hold of it from somewhere else), launch the application and tell it the location of the Linux disc image. Then it asks you a few questions: on which partition you wish to install, your username and root password etc. Then you sit back and watch Wubi do its magic. The next time you reboot, you get to see a multi-os boot loader with both windows and Linux options. It can’t get any easier.

wubi1wubi2wubi 3

For now, Wubi works only with Ubuntu. But I would like to see future versions of it working with other distros as well. It is a great product. Worth praise, indeed. Innovative software. I just hope that the open source world continues to see such innovative softwares.

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