Nvidia is going to launch a new graphics card – the 9800xt. And as usual Nvidia will proudly show off its “phenomenal pixel processing power” that enables “cinema quality realism” in your games. While this is true in its eternity, wait just four months and Nvidia will launch another graphics card that will offer “never seen before realism. And since all the new games launched after that would be built to the standard of the newest card, you will be left with two options: either upgrade if you want to play the new games or just stick with your current games. And the worst part: if a new DirectX standard comes, your graphics card is “aged”. And then comes a time when to play a new game you have to upgrade your configuration. And unless you have inherited a lot of cash from your ancestors, you are out if luck.

This brings me to happy part of the gaming society: the people who are proud owners of gaming consoles. You buy a console, pop in a disc, and you are ready to smash your foes. It can’t get any easier. And you don’t have to worry about upgrades (and drivers and viruses). Even your 4 year old brother (if you have one) can operate a console. Gamers couldn’t ask for more.

So, if you are an insanely rich gamer, go and upgrade your pc every four months or so. If not (just like me!), then you have the option to sell one of your kidneys. Or you can just buy (or beg or steal) a console and make your way to gaming nirvana.

P.S. – If you want to see a gamer happy, please donate. I am planning to buy a PS3 (:->) but I don’t have enough greenery in my wallet. (:-<)

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